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Ambulance //

Clinics (Duel / Truck / Pop up Roof) //

Hearse (Panel Van / Canopy based) //

Mortuary (Box Body / Panel Van / Truck) //

disabled units //

Bus (Standard & Deluxe) //

Mobile Homes (Panel Vans / Trucks) //

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What can our van conversion company customise for you? Get in touch with our multi-skilled designers and builders.

Our Workmanship and Warranty //

We offer a one to three-year warranty on all our fitments, workmanship and conversions, giving you the ultimate confidence in your conversion.

your conversions //

We offer custom panel van conversion solutions to customers that have a specific vision in mind for their vehicle.

We have worked on all kinds of panel van conversions and know all the best engineering techniques to bring your ideas to fruition. No request is too daring for us, and we’re always ready to take on a challenge.

“Engineering is a creative practice” – Cory Arcangel 

Safe Travels are Guaranteed //

To ensure that your vehicle is safe on the road, after intense modification, we work with the NRCS to enforce its homologation.

Registered Builders //

SA Van Conversions Pty Ltd is registered with the South African Department of Transport as a builder (MIB) and we work directly with the NRCS in order to ensure all converted vehicles are fit for the road. 

what we offer you //

SA Van’s custom panel van conversion services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Design of Interior Layout
  • Installation of Electrical, Mechanical, and Pneumatic Fitments
  • Window Fitment
  • General Fitment
  • Upholstery Installation
  • Signage (this complies with RSA’s Road Traffic Act)
  • Seats (Isringhausen, vinyl, cloth or leatherette)
  • Rubberised Flooring
  • Seat Belts (SABS approved)
  • Sound System Installations